Puppy Farms Exposed.

Did anyone see the documentary that Panorama done on puppy farming which was aired last night on BBC1? No dog should have to live like that.  My heart broke for those poor wee Mums and her babies – no medical care, no affection, no socialisation with other dogs, no getting to play with toys, no getting to sniff the grass outside and to feel the sunshine / rain drops on her face – instead she’s kept in a dingy, dirty cage where she eats, sleeps, pees, poops and looks after her babies the best she can until they’re taken away from her – quite often long before they should be – and the whole cruel cycle starts again.  She’s a breeding machine, pure and simple.

Click here  for a wee snippet of the documentary on YouTube.  Click here for the full 30 minute I-player documentary.

Warning:  both contain upsetting scenes.


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